Mattis Paul Ackner is a songwriter, composer, singer, music producer and author from Germany, where he currently lives.

He started writing his own music at the age of sixteen and taught himself how to play piano, guitar, bass and drums. He also took singing lessons for three years.

To this day he has released three albums, the latest one being "Everchanging" which saw the light of day in January 2018.

 His musical influences a very diversified, with Coldplay playing the most important role in his life as a musician. Also important influences are The 1975, OneRepublic, James Blunt, Prinz Pi, Damien Rice, Casper and Macklemore.


His work as an author is still in its infancy, since he only recently started writing (July / August 2018). His first book is scheduled to be released in December 2018 / January 2019.